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The Vacation of your live awaits you!
Adult Caribbean Island Holiday Rates and Packages:
cost for the duration of the stay, at a very reasonable price.

Our Vacations are designed to accommodate travelers from those who are reserved and shy to the more experienced travelers who simply want to relax and let us look after all of your needs. Regardless of your experience or personality our sexy island escorts and resort staff will ensure that you have an enjoyable adult island holiday experience. We believe that once you have tried our adult Caribbean island escorted holiday you will return.

All Packages include accommodation in our private hotel, all rooms have air conditioning and are en suite. All meals from our a la carte menu, all your drinks and of course your escort. Your escort will be your exclusive companion for the 24 hour period of each day. Each guest receives their choice of Escort on a daily basis.

Four days and nights all inclusive Adult Caribbean holiday: $1900
Additional sexy adult escort per day and night: $250

One Week Offer:
Seven days and nights all inclusive Adult Caribbean Island Holiday: $2650,-
For 2 day of your stay you will receive a second escort at no extra cost.Or have 2 extra girls on 1 day of your stay.
Additional sexy adult escort per day and night: $250

Custom Adult Escort Holiday:
For Special Events, Group Travel, or personal requests please contact us.

All adult escort vacation packages include the following services:
· Private transfers to and from the airport and our adult island resort.
· Chauffeured transportation available to take you where you wish to go.
· Modern, fully air-conditioned rooms. · All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
· Free drinks from the bar, all day, every day.
· Constant sexy companion 24 hours a day.
· Hosts who are English and can help translate if necessary.

80% of our guests return within 12 months.

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Totale prijs
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